A post by Peter Jordens.

The selection committee of Other Words recently selected Elvira Bonafacio from Curaçao for an 8-week creative literary residency in Ireland, from September to November 2018. There she will be hosted by Foras na Gaeilge [Irish Institute], a public body responsible for the promotion of the Irish language. A total of sixteen projects had been submitted at Open Words’ fifth open call to select an author writing in Papiamentu, one of Other Words’ guest languages in 2018.

This is what the selection committee concluded about the proposal submitted by the successful candidate: “An interesting essay in epic form, told from the point of view of a young boy. The way in which it has been presented guarantees that it can be developed and result in a book. Furthermore, as the point of view of a young boy has been chosen, it will not be a purely technical analysis of cultural diversity and the quest for identity. Bonafacio calls ‘Identity and Diversity’ a literary act, which leads us to think that she could develop it as a story but also as a theatre play, probably in the form of a monologue. The proposal meets the aims of Other Words perfectly. Beside paying attention to the Papiamentu language, the author will also let the reader (or the audience) experience through a rebellious language what it means to be a minority within a state of diversity.”

Other Words is a partnership program between cultural organizations in European regions which is establishing a network of creative residencies for European writers and artists who use small and minority languages. The languages are: Frisian, Basque, Macedonian, Slovene, and Irish. Other Words runs from 2015 to 2019. It is co-funded by the Creative Europe Program of the European Union. The website is http://otherwordsliterature.eu.

The original article, available at http://otherwordsliterature.eu/eng/blog/elvira_bonafacio_our_2018_papiamentu_guest_writer, has here been edited for clarity.

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