New literary journal: “Résonance”

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[Many thanks to Danielle Georges for bringing this item to our attention.] The editors of the new literary online journal, Résonance, have sent out a call for contributions for their inaugural issue.

The editors are interested broadening the scope, to include the perspectives of descendants of French colonists in North America as well as of other communities that have a connection to French language and culture, such as writers who are descendants of people who were colonized by the French, or who were enslaved by the French. “We are keen to create a space in which our creative writing can inspire dialogue and understanding between various communities.” 

Description: Résonance is a new electronic, curated, editor-reviewed literary journal that seeks to encourage, showcase, and disseminate creative works by established and emerging writers, primarily by and/or about the Franco-American communities of the United States. The editors are also interested in literary work that explores related themes. The editors invite submissions in a wide range of literary genres, as well as reviews and translations.

There has long been a need for this type of resource. Franco-American and other writers who wished to communicate the reality of this linguistic minority have often found no literary-focused vehicle with which to do so. The editors hope that Résonance will help remedy this situation.

Interested authors should review the submission guidelines available at Policies and upload submissions of existing or new works via the online tool. We are enthused about the prospect of working closely with you to expand the body of creative work about the Franco-Americans of the U.S., as well as grow the audience and market for Franco-American literature.

Editorial Board: Steven Riel (editor-in-chief); Joe Arsenault (managing editor), Susan Pinette (general editor), Rhea Côté Robbins (creative non-fiction editor), Greg Chabot (drama editor), Jane Martin (fiction editor), Dano LeBlanc (graphic fiction editor), Patrick Sylvain (Haitian Creole editor), Clint Bruce (Louisianan Creole editor), Alexa Bonsey (poetry editor), Jacob Albert (reviews editor), and Tony Brinkley (translation editor).

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