New Edition of Miguel Yarull’s “Bichán”


Miguel Yarull’s second edition of his short story collection Bichán, originally published in 2010, will be launched on Thursday, June 28, at 7:00pm, at the Lyle O. Reitzel Contemporary Art Gallery in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

The new edition of Bichán—published by Zemí Book—includes the previous fourteen stories and an additional short story, “Montás.” As Diario Libre reports, the writer is well known as a screenwriter for La gunguna, Loki, Veneno, and other Dominican films. Diario Libre writes:

The stories contained in this volume show the emotional intensity that usually characterizes Yarull’s work on the big screen. At the junction of kilometer 29, a driver bends down to look for the CD case that he had dropped, and the needle playing the record of his life skips. A fetishist can barely control his desires in a work meeting. A son and his dead father conspire to break a betting bank. An aging surfer recalls his youthful days as he listens to Pink Floyd and speak, to whom exactly? The stories explore the nostalgia of Santo Domingo of the eighties; the jargon and manners of the jevito of the moneyed class; the anxieties, misfortunes and neuroses of the middle class; and the strategies of survival and fantasies of redemption of the working class, pierced by a sharp, risky, sometimes somber humor. ‘A succinct and fleeting X-ray of a delirious Santo Domingo,’ describes Puerto Rican writer Pedro Cabiya.

The volume also includes “Montás,” the story that later became the landmark of Dominican and Caribbean cinema, La Gunguna. Bichán is the definitive entry of Miguel Yarull into the literary arena.

Zemí Book—with headquarters in San Juan, Santo Domingo, and New York—is “a publishing cooperative composed and governed by authors, editors and educators who prioritize the quality and relevance of the text, the perfection of the trade, the artistic commitment and the joint effort,” and dedicated to “discovering, encouraging, publishing and distributing writers from the Caribbean region worldwide.”

Translated by Ivette Romero. For original (in Spanish), see

For more on Yarull, see

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