New Book: “Julia de Burgos en Santo Domingo”


Librería Laberinto recently featured Julia de Burgos en Santo Domingo (Editorial Patria, 2018) a new book by Chiqui Vicioso on the links between the mythical Puerto Rican poet, Julia de Burgos, and the Dominican Republic, through her relationship with Dominican intellectuals and activists.

Description: Julia de Burgos never stepped on the Dominican soil, but her existence was deeply intertwined with the Caribbean people with whose activism she participated in the struggle against Rafael Leonidas Trujillo as well as through her friendship with Juan Bosch and Juan Isidro Jimenes Grullón. The book includes interviews or conversations between Burgos and Juan Bosch and correspondence with the love of her life, Dominican historian, doctor, and politician Juan Isidro Jimenes Grullón.

Chiqui Vicioso (also known as Sherezada “Chiqui” Vicioso) was born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. She holds an undergraduate degree in sociology and history of Latin America from Brooklyn College, a Master’s degree in education from Columbia University (New York), and a postgraduate diploma in cultural administration from the Getulio Vargas Foundation (Brazil). Among the awards for her work are the Anacaona de Oro Award for Literature and the Gold Medal of Merit for Women.

Her published work includes Viaje desde el agua (1981); Un extraño ulular traía el viento (1985); Volver a vivir: imágenes de Nicaragua (1986); Julia de Burgos (1987); Algo que decir: ensayos sobre literatura femenina—1981-1991 (1991); Internamiento (1992); Salomé Ureña de Henríquez (1850-1897): A cien años de magisterio (1997). She has published plays such as Trago amargo/o Wish-ky Sour (which won the National Award for Theater, 1996); Salomé U: cartas a una ausencia (1998)Desvelos (diálogo entre Emily Dickinson y Salomé Ureña)Perrerías; and NUYOR/islas. Vicioso has also edited works such as La tristeza sin fin de ser poeta. Memorias del Seminario Internacional Julia de Burgos en Santo Domingo (Ediciones Ministerio de Cultura, 2016).

[Many thanks to Librería Laberinto for bringing this item to our attention.]

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