Meet Antiguan Photographer: Dot Kid


In “The Power of Melanin Flows through this Antiguan Photographer’s Otherworldly Creations,” Afropunk features work by Chavy da Kid, AKA Dot Kid. [I recommend taking a look at his blog The Life of Dot Kid and, of course, his Instagram page.]

Eye Candy says: “Meet Dot Kid, the alternate ego of visual artist Chavy da Kid, an immensely talented photographer and visual storyteller from Antigua whose visual work just recently caught our eyes. Though he shoots all types of events and photography from headshots to lifestyle and portraiture, what’s most intriguing is Dot Kid’s magnificently imaginative editorial photographs that capture the surreal and otherworldly in beautifully compelling ways. Check him out, below, and follow him on Instagram.”

See his stunning photography featured on Afropunk and at

Sources:,, and Instagram.

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