The Wonder of Ffryes Beach in Antigua


Alexander Britell and Guy Britton describe the wonder of Ffryes Beach in Antigua. See full review and breath-taking video at Caribbean Journal. Britell and Britton write:

There’s something special about the blue. When you make your way down Antigua’s southwestern coast, you begin to see it. It’s not blue, it’s not green, it’s not turquoise. It’s a stunning, bold aquamarine, almost blinding in its brilliance.

And at the core of it all is Ffryes Beach, a sparkling white-sand coastline just a bit south of Jolly Harbour, a bit north of Darkwood, home to one of the most spectacular coastlines in the whole Caribbean. The water is calm, with an almost neon kind of hue, the sort of beach you can’t help but spend your entire day staring at

It gets even more beautiful when a jet ski or a sailboat shows its wake, almost painting this aquatic canvas with froth. Of course, Ffryes is just the beginning — the hue keeps going, all the way to Jolly, with the shoreline teeming with beach hotels and beach bars (including one of our favorites, Dennis Cocktail Bar).

While Antigua and Barbuda has 365 beaches, Ffryes is surely one of the essentials.

See more in the latest CJ video [at Caribbean Journal].

For original article, see


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