New Book: Rosa Marquetti’s “Chano Pozo: La vida”


Rafael Lam (UNEAC) writes about a new book by Rosa Marquetti, Chano Pozo: La vida [Chano Pozo: The Life]. This Saturday, July 7, 11:00am, Editorial Oriente will launch the book at Plaza de Armas in Havana, Cuba. Lam writes:

Rosa Marquetti embarks on a journey following one of the greatest legends of Cuban music, Chano Pozo—the king of the drum, comparsero, star composer, renovator of bebop and Latin jazz, a star at Carnegie Hall, and an often-discussed artist.

Cuba has had great percussionists, but Chano was the legend and the myth of a very interesting era. For Dizzy Gillespie, he was “The greatest drummer I’ve ever heard.”

A well-documented book, with support and materials from artists and critics such as Jaime Jaramillo, Leonardo Acosta, Pepe Reyes, Max Salazar, Jordi Pujol, Leonardo Padura, Cristóbal Díaz Ayala, Gladys Palmera, Richard Blondet, Patrick Dalmace, Iván Giroud, Raúl Fernández, Sergio Santana, Rafael Bassi, Jaime Suárez, and many others.

Chano is a musician and an era, an artist with a series of events—it is as if we were watching an exciting film full of ups and downs in a very difficult world. He is like an illustration of the musical life of an era that lasted 33 years, a very rich period in Cuban music.

With this book, we can learn more about the world of radio stations (RHC Cadena Azul), the Tropicana Cabaret, sonero groups, the comparsas of Havana’s Carnival, the cabarets, the musical world of Latin jazz, the bebop that was in its peak in the Iron Babel [as Cuban thinker José Martí called New York City].

Chano’s book contains little known and very useful photos, a very useful discography, and supplements that help us follow the tumultuous path of the drummer. This is a book that helps create a gallery of great Cuban musicians that is much-needed in the country of music.

Rosa already published the book Desmemoriados (the result of the researcher’s blog) which helps us pinpoint new sources of information about our complex Cuban music. Now she is working on another biography with the famous musician “El Niño” Rivera.

Rosa lives in the world of music, in albums, recordings, and musical compositions. She works nonstop, as the world of music requires. These are the researchers who help to decipher the great mysteries of Cuban music, which absolutely needs more illuminating information.

On Saturday, at 11:00 in the morning, we will see one other on Sábado del Libro [Book Saturday], at the Plaza de Armas in Old Havana.

[Article translated from the Spanish by Ivette Romero. For original article, see]


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