Pittsburgh’s Let’s Play Pan 21+ Summertime Jam highlights the Caribbean steelpan


A report by Natalie Bencivenga for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

When and where: Friday night at Community Forge, Wilkinsburg.

#BarrelsToBeethoven: Guests enjoyed traditional Caribbean food and drinks while using the steelpan to provide engaging, entertaining and interactive opportunities for the community to learn about the instrument’s history, building process and playing technique. “I think it’s incredible how passionate and enthusiastic co-founder Leigh [Solomon-Pugliano] is. Not only did she teach us how to play, but she taught us the history of the steelpan. I’m impressed with the work Leigh is doing to ensure the steelpan is around in the future,” said guest Stephanie Curry. The ultimate goal of Barrels to Beethoven is to provide an impactful arts experience that educates about the steelpan, while helping to develop a new generation of steelpan players, builders, teachers and tuners, ensuring the growth and advancement of the instrument. “I thought Barrels to Beethoven was going to be great just from reading about it, but coming here and learning about the mission and how to play with the group, was an amazing experience,” said Adam Hoge. Proceeds from this event and the coming Let’s Play Pan 21+ in September supports our newest program, the Wilkinsburg Youth Steelpan Orchestra.  Learn more: https://barrelstobeethoven.com/

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