World-Renowned Cuban Circus Celebrates 50 Years


A report from TeleSur.

The circus welcomes art lovers, businessmen and journalists to join in the revelry and splendor coming to life on the Caribbean island.

Cuba’s President Miguel Diaz-Canel Bermudez has commended the Cuban National Circus for its determination in bringing wonder to millions of children in the 50 years since its inception in 1968.

In a statement, the recently elected successor to Raul Castro praised the years of entertainment offered to the Cuban public who has been completely been won over by the dedication, talent and hard work demonstrated by successive generations of circus performers.

“The circus has a long tradition in our country. However, despite their impressive presentations, circus artists were discriminated against and most of them lived through a very precarious time,” Diaz-Canel said.

“With the revolution, a circus school was created that has graduated high-level professionals, recognized today throughout the world. Their rigor, quality and prestige have placed them in the most demanding international circuits.”

Ranked alongside some of the top performers, the National Circus of Cuba is considered one of the top five circus troupes in the world. More recently, it has been an active participant in Havana’s XVII International Festival Circuba 2018, which unites artists from 19 countries.

On its official Facebook page, the Circus said: “The magic and virtuosity of the native circus stars of all time is a reference for artists coming from multiple countries of the five continents to feel attracted to and seduced by the competition along with Cuban acrobats and gymnasts.

“Generation after generation has jealously passed on well-kept secrets in different and memorable families that every year joins hundreds and thousands of spectators from throughout the island to share a tradition that has existed for over two centuries.”

The circus welcomes art lovers, businessmen, journalists and photographers to join in the revelry and splendor coming to life on the Caribbean island in the show that runs until August.

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