What’s on Kamilah’s Mind?


Shavaughn Moss (The Nassau Guardian) reviews Bahamian singer Kamilah Gibson’s music and her latest single “On My Mind.” Moss writes that the “soulful, eclectic songstress drops new single focused on luscious, intense soundscapes with her wide-ranging voice.”

What do you do when you have a crush on someone who’s already in a relationship? What if you admitted what you felt and let the chips fall where they might? This hypothetical premise is addressed in Kamilah Gibson’s latest single “On My Mind”, which drops tonight at midnight across all major streaming platforms. The song uses a semi-apologetic tone, flirting with taboo territory.

Gibson, who resides in New York, says “On My Mind”, which was co-written with emerging New York R&B artist/producer, Sho Ishikura, and produced by Sho and Torna (a New York-based producer) provided her with the opportunity to jump into the hypothetical.

“From my catalogue in general, different songs tap into different experiences and different feelings. This is a bit more lighthearted. It’s about somebody having a crush on somebody else, and that person isn’t necessarily available, but you really want them to know how you feel. And everybody I think has had that experience. Whether or not you actually go for it and say something… the song is about that hypothetical moment. What if you just decided you were going to tell your crush, no matter where the chips fell, or how embarrassing it ended up being, or how taken they are, you just wanted them to know: ‘If ever you’re single, I would be interested’. We weigh these things in our heads, because, at some point or another, I think more people than not have encountered a situation where they’ve fallen for someone they probably shouldn’t have.”

What’s important to Gibson, through this single, is that people can have fun with music, that they can feel things, that people can discover new things about themselves through the music. “I just want people to enjoy it ultimately,” said Gibson.

The “On My Mind” single follows the release of “So Long”, featuring Sho Ishikura, on February 2, with tons of music to come, including an EP, and a music video shot at Clifton Pier. “On My Mind” is a more lighthearted summer island-infused vibe, when compared to the “So Long” collaboration she did with Sho, which showcases both their tastes and leans more to the rock side than Gibson said she would normally do.

If she had to place herself into a genre, Gibson said her music would be a fusion of many things. She thinks it’s an alternative neo R&B with flavors of jazz, Junkanoo and music she grew up listening to at home — dancehall, pop, R&B and reggae. What she wants to create is magical, mellifluous, meaningful music. Her instrumentation and vocal harmonies indicate unbridled magnetism to unleash upon the world.

She is described as a soulful, eclectic songstress who creates luscious, intense soundscapes with her wide-ranging voice, and Gibson wants the Bahamian community to come along with her on her journey. She says it’s important to her to have them there with her. “Home is such a big part of who I am. It’s what raised me. That’s my foundation — no matter how far I get away from home.” As she pursues her music career, Gibson also works fulltime at a graphic design firm. [. . .]

For full article, see https://thenassauguardian.com/2018/06/29/whats-on-kamilahs-mind/

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