A post by Peter Jordens.

The Ministry of Culture of the Dominican Republic recently announced the winners of the 2018 “Annual Literature Awards” during an event held at the Pedro Henríquez Ureña National Library that was chaired by Ruth Herrera, Director of the Santo Domingo International Book Fair. The awarded works are: 

Síndrome del iPhone by Luis R. Santos (Editora Búho, 2017) in the category of Children and Youth Literature;

En la voz del silencio by Br. Jit Manuel Castillo de la Cruz (Mandala Ediciones, 2017) in the category of Poetry;

La poética del trujillismo: Épica y romance en el discurso de “la Era” by Médar Serrata (Isla Negra Editores, 2016) in the category of Essay.

This year the “Annual Literature Awards” had no winners in the categories of Story and Novel because “the [submitted] works did not have sufficient merit to deserve the distinction” as the respective juries informed, whereas there were no participants in the category of Theater. 11 works had been submitted in the Children and Youth Literature category, 11 in the Poetry category, 26 in the Essay category, 7 in the Story category, and 17 in the Novel category.

The jury saw in Síndrome del iPhone of Luis R. Santos “a relatable text grounded in current reality, notable for its easy reading, fluid and efficient in the presentation of a subject with multiple dimensions.” The jury unanimously determined that En la voz del silencio by Br. Jit Manuel Castillo de la Cruz stood out “for its poetics of contemplation as an intimate human experience, and for its language, strengthened by intense and luminous passages, yet stripped of any redundant stylistic form.” Finally, the jury praised Médar Serrata’s La poética del trujillismo for “its excellent prose and the depth of its contribution to research on the subject at hand.”

For the complete, original article (in Spanish), go to https://www.metrord.do/do/entretencion/2018/06/26/ministerio-cultura-anuncia-ganadores-los-premios-anuales-literatura-2018.html

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