Commonwealth Short Story Prize 2018


Commonwealth Writers has announced its selection of five regional winners for the 2018 Commonwealth Short Story Prize, chosen from 5,182 entries and a shortlist of 24 stories. Trinidad and Tobago’s Kevin Jared Hosein is on the list. Congratulations! The winners are:

‘True Happiness’, Efua Traoré (Nigeria): A troubled thirteen-year-old boy in Lagos questions his pastor’s definition of true happiness.

‘The Divine Pregnancy in a Twelve-Year-Old Woman’, Sagnik Datta (India): A twelve-year-old is pregnant with the child of God. The good villagers must overcome all the obstacles standing in the way of the divine birth, especially the mother.

‘Ghillie’s Mum’, Lynda Clark (United Kingdom): Ghillie’s mum would be just like everyone else’s if she could only stop turning into animals.

‘Passage’, Kevin Jared Hosein, (Trinidad and Tobago): A man, going through a mid-life crisis, decides to hike up a mountain. Along the way, he finds the skull of a child near a mysterious house.

‘Matalasi’, Jenny Bennett-Tuionetoa, (Samoa): This is a story about difference, identity and the high cost of conformity. Set in a conservative Pacific Island society, ‘Matalasi’ plunges the reader into the inner world of an individual forced to choose between identity and survival.

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