Lecture: “Haitian Vodou and the Masonic Imaginary”


Katherine Smith (UCLA) will deliver a lecture on “Haitian Vodou and the Masonic Imaginary” on Friday, June 22, at 6:30pm, at Abrazo Interno Gallery (The Clemente) at 107 Suffolk Street, New York, New York. This talk is part of the exhibition “Vernacular Universalism: Haitian Freemasonry and Beyond” (May 25-June 23) compiled by Leah Gordon. [See previous post Vernacular Universalism: Freemasonry in Haiti and Beyond.]

Description: Katherine Smith, lecturer in the department of World Arts and Cultures/Dance at UCLA, will draw on research carried out in Haiti to compare the visual worlds of Freemasonry and Vodou. She will engage the voices of living practitioners while also tracing both traditions’ entangled histories in order to raise questions about colonialism, race and the legacy of the Enlightenment.

For more on the exhibition, see https://repeatingislands.com/2018/06/03/vernacular-universalism-freemasonry-in-haiti-and-beyond/

Also see http://www.theclementecenter.org/space/abrazo-interno-gallery/

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