Art Exhibition: Raymond Médelice’s “De Formidables machines à rêver”


Raymond Médelice’s solo exhibition “De Formidables machines à rêver”—curated by Dominique Brebion—is on view from June 22 to August 15, 2018, at La NEF, Fondation Clément, Martinique.

Description (by Dominique Brebion):  We sometimes feel astonished at the work of a painter. We discover a reality that we did not know how to see before because we had not paid close attention. This is when painting teaches us sometimes to see the world.

Raymond Médélice’s paintings, often enigmatic, always contain a story. Much more than a story, a reflection on life, because his paintings work like pages of a diary that yields his concerns and thoughts, his world view. There is something elusive, however, as the artist often builds in unexpected connections. Deciphering them becomes one of the pleasures of visiting the exhibition.

“It is, after all, only a little bit of paint on canvas, but they are petrified reveries that may be regarded as formidable dream machines,” says Raymond Médélice.

Added to the charm of reverie is the consideration of an original pictorial technique, an extremely personal one. Using a special tool that he designed and constructed, a sort of comb, he scars successive layers of wet pigments in search of this particular vibration of the background. Engraved swirls and spirals animate the surface of the painting of a virtual movement.

The combination of graphic design and painting, as well as the insertion of writing into painting, remain two constants of Raymond Médélice’s singular, astonishing, and inimitable artistic approach.

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