Puerto Rican Film Festival in Vieques


[Many thanks to Robert Rabin Siegal for bringing this item to our attention.] For the fifth consecutive year, the Alliance Française of Puerto Rico has presented the “​Cine de gira en la isla​” [Film Tour on the Island] project through various towns in Puerto Rico in June. The traveling festival comes to the island of Vieques this weekend. On Saturday, June 16, 2018, starting at 7:00pm, the films will be screened outdoors at the Conde de Mirasol Fort.

The films are:

Anthony Legrand Profesional (Dir. Gisela Rosario)

Corazón de Loíza (Dir. Llaima Sanfiorenzo and Margaret Mair)

El hombre que nadie conoció (Dir. Oswaldo Colón)

Ese olor a lechón (Dir. Modesto Lacén)

La Perla after María (Dir. Clari Lewis)

[Photo of “La Perla” above.]

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