Nativa releases new album: “Semilla Nativa”


The Costa Rican rapper called Nativa has released her second album, Semilla Nativa [Native Seed], which, according to Elizabeth Lang (The Tico Times), combines rap with Latin American rhythms and activist lyrics. [Check out some of the tunes in the original post.]

The album is released by the record label Resistencia Subversiva (Subversive Resistance) and includes songs inspired by Nativa’s personal growth. Her lyrics provide social analysis of our times and focus on Latin American identity, politics, the environment and gender, according to a news release from the label.

According to a press release, the album’s name is a tribute to the indigenous, afrodescendant and campesino (farmer) communities who are working to preserve their native seeds. “The seeds are nodes of relationships, pathway crossings, synthesis of history, starting points, knowledge that gives life. That’s what this album is about: the gathering of many Latin American artists who believe in the appropriation of our roots,” Nativa said in the statement. [. . .]

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