Gold mining in Dominican Republic subject of presentation in Stratford


A report from The Guardian.

The Latin American Mission Program (LAMP) will be holding a presentation and dialogue on Canadian Gold Mining in the Dominican Republic.

The event takes place on Sunday, June 10 at 2 p.m. at Our Lady of the Assumption Parish Hall in Stratford, Ontario, Canada.

The key presenter will be Ryan MacRae who will speak from the Dominican Republic, using distance communication technology. MacRae is a missionary with LAMP in the Dominican where he has the opportunity to research the operations of GoldQuest Corp., a Vancouver-based company.

Canada has a long history of draining wealth out of the Dominican Republic and other countries of the Caribbean and Central America.
For decades Canada has lived off the profits of its corporations which have used Dominican farmland to produce beef, vegetables and fruit for North American markets. Mining corporations have extracted nickel, bauxite, copper, gold and silver at staggering rates. These natural resources are shipped out of the country along with the profits from these operations. All the mining processes use dangerous chemicals which pollute the land, air and water in communities surrounding the mines. This is a serious threat for people whose health is already vulnerable.

The Dominican Republic has an immense gold and silver resource. GoldQuest is among the mines owned by Canadian companies. It will be the focus of the LAMP presentation. GoldQuest is administered from the corporation’s Vancouver headquarters. In the community surrounding this mine, people are organizing to claim their rights by law to a percentage of the value of the mineral taken out from the mine and to demand care of the environment.

At the event on June 10, two other LAMP members recently returned from the Dominican Republic and Guatemala, Father Eddie Cormier and Maureen Larkin, respectively, will also have up-to-date information on the how the Canadian mining industry operates in the Caribbean and Central America.

The presentation is part of the annual general meeting of LAMP.

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