St Lucians launch Caribbean Millennials Podcast


The Millennial generation is a constant topic of conversation for young and old alike.

The behavior of millennials, challenges and trends affecting the generation, and what the future holds for the youth will determine what the future of the Caribbean is going to look like.

Three young St Lucians, have decided to take this dialogue to the forefront with the creation of The Caribbean Millennials Podcast.

Every week, the co-hosts – Anushka Singh, Vernon Polius and Adane Edmund – will discuss a topic relating to Caribbean Millennials.

The hope of this podcast is to engage and connect Caribbean millennials across the globe to own the conversation versus being the topic of conversation.

Podcast host Anushka Singh says, “When creating this podcast we felt that it would be filling a void in the media as there wasn’t much relating to the everyday life of millennials – from the perspective of millennials.”

The first episode of the podcast has just been released and is available to listeners on Apple Music, Google Play, Stitcher and other podcast networks. It can also be directly accessed from the website

Fans of the podcast can contact the hosts via email at or social media to provide feedback and ideas for the podcast.

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