Caribbean conferences: June 2018 update


Our thanks, as always, to Peter Jordens for compiling this update on upcoming conferences for our readers. The abbreviated list is below. To download the full list, which covers the period ending in March 2019 and contains additional information about the conferences listed click here: Caribbean conferences 2018 June



Selection of Caribbean conferences for month of June 2018 only

June 1-3, 2018.  Providence, Rhode Island, USA

International Conference: “Trans-American Crossings: Enslaved Migrations within the Americas and Their Impacts on Slave Cultures and Societies”

Webpages and

June 3-5, 2018.  Montego Bay, Jamaica

38th Annual Caribbean Insurance Conference: “After 2017… Is the Future Predictable?”


June 3-7, 2018.  Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

48th Annual Association of Caribbean University, Research and Institutional Libraries (ACURIL) Conference: “Open Access in Caribbean Libraries, Archives and Museums: Opportunities, Challenges and Future Directions”

Website; webpages and


June 4-8, 2018.  La Habana, Cuba

43rd Annual Caribbean Studies Association (CSA) Conference: “Education, Culture and Emancipatory Thought in the Caribbean”


June 8-10, 2018.  Port-of-Spain, Trinidad and Tobago

5th Annual Caribbean Medical Conference & Community Outreach Program


June 10-15, 2018.  Bridgetown, Barbados

50th Annual Association of Caribbean Historians (ACH) Conference: “ACH @ 50: Continuity, Change and Challenge”


June 11-15, 2018.  Paramaribo, Suriname

19th Conference on Theology in the Caribbean Today: “Laudato Si’: Caribbean Responses”


June 14-16, 2018.  Frigate Bay, St. Kitts and Nevis

63rd Annual Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA) Health Research Conference: “Sustainable Health Systems for Economic Growth, Development and Wealth”


June 18-23, 2018.  Paramaribo, Suriname

Conference: “Legacy of Slavery, Indentured Labor, Migration, Diaspora and Identity Formation”


June 19-20, 2018.  London, England, UK

3rd Diasporic Dialogues Conference: “‘Seamed by Its Own Bitter Juice’: Voice, Visibility, Literacies”


June 19-20, 2018.  Dakar, Senegal

15th Annual Caribbean Philosophical Association (CPA) Meeting ‘Shifting the Geography of Reason XV’: “Ways of Knowing, Past and Future”

Website or

June 20-24, 2018.  Charles Town, Portland, Jamaica

10th International Maroon Convention: “Maroons and Indigenous Peoples: Towards a Sustainable Future”

Webpages and; website

June 21-23, 2018.  Paradise Island, The Bahamas

36th Annual Caribbean Conference of Accountants: “Regional and Global Opportunities: Preparing for Success”


June 25-28, 2018.  Montego Bay, Jamaica

21st Annual Caribbean Tertiary Level Personnel Association (CTLPA) Conference: “Delivering Exceptional Teaching and Learning Experiences in Challenging Times”

Website, FB page CTLPAregional1

June 27-29, 2018.  Papine, Jamaica

8th Annual Caribbean Urban Forum ‘CUF8’: “Forming the Informal”


June 28-29, 2018.  Needham’s Point, St. Michael, Barbados

12th Caribbean Association of Audit Committee Members (CAACM) Conference & Annual General Meeting: “Leading Today: Harnessing the Power of Disruption”




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