Pavel Núñez at Escenario 360


Singer-songwriter Pavel Núñez will be on stage presented on the evening of Wednesday, May 30, along with Juan Carlos Pichardo at Escenario 360 [in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic], for a show that combines the perfect balance of humor with good music. Under the title Antídoto & Veneno [Antidote & Poison] this promises to be an enjoyable event (produced by Ramsés Peralta).

During that evening, Pavel will offer the repertoire with which he has conquered audiences of several generations; many of the generations that preceded him enjoy his music as much as the new fans of his music, thanks to its relevance and the constant hits of his new creations.

Among other compositions that have placed him in the “Parnassus” of great Dominican artists are: Te Di, Al otro lado de la calle, Agonizando, Paso a paso, Bethania, Santiago de frente, Viene gente, Canción de cuna, Quédate, Y te encontré, Por honor, and Me desarmo.

Sharing the stage we will find comedian Juan Carlos Pichardo, who has gained ground in recent years due to his charisma, creativity, and genius. He will be putting the audience in a great mood with a sense of humor that plays with day-by-day reality in a natural way. [. . .]

[Excerpts translated by Ivette Romero. For full, original article, see


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