Selebrasyon! Ayiti ANGAJE/Atis ANGAJE: Contemporary Photography Exhibition


Haiti Cultural Exchange (HCX) announces that seven Haitian artists will present their work at an exhibition of contemporary photography, curated by Maksaens Denis, as part of its Selebrasyon! programming. While some of these photographers will not be present, their work will be on view in several Brooklyn Queens Land Trust Gardens, including Crown Heights, Flatbush, East Flatbush, and Fort Greene (see all venues below). The artists are: Josué Azor, Edine Celestin, Sébastien (Babas) Denis, Fabienne Douce, Pierre Michel Jean, Kelly Paulémon (aka Noirdelatour), and Georges Harry Rouzier.

The Contemporary Photography Exhibition Opening  will feature an Ann Pale with Josué Azor and curator Maksaens Denis on Thursday, May 31, 2018, from 5:00 to 8:00pm, at Rogers/Tilden/Veronica Place Garden, 2601-2603 Tilden Avenue, Brooklyn, New York.

Josué Azor is a self-taught photographer, based in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. With extensive travel throughout the island, Azor’s work is characterized by the technique and artistry with which he presents his subjects. Azor is a founding member of the Kolektif 2 Dimansyon (K2D) photo collective.

Edine Celestin is a Port-au-Prince born, photographer and human rights activist. Currently working as a reporter and photographer for Haiti’s Le Nouvelliste, Celestin is also the co-founder of photo collective, Kolektif 2 Dimansyon (K2D). Her work can be seen in international publications such as Le Monde, Mediapart, and Round Earth Media.

Sébastien (Babas) Denis was born in Port-au-Prince and pursues his passion for photography, with a focus on street photography. In 2011 and 2014, his photography was featured in exhibits by Kolektif 509, a collective promoting contemporary artists in Haiti. His photography is currently focused on the conditions of peasant life in the Haitian countryside.

Fabienne Douce is a photojournalist based in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. As a participant in the Haiti Reporters program in 2011, Douce has participated in several workshops at the Ecoles de Beaux Arts in Brussels through Ecole National des Arts (ENARTS), as well as the Foundation for Knowledge and Liberty (FOKAL), in Haiti. As the vice-president of Kolektif 2 Dimansyon (K2D), a photo collective, Douce’s work has been published in several international and Haitian press outlets.

Pierre Michel Jean is a Carrefour-born photojournalist. As one of the founding members of Kolektif 2 Dimansyon (K2D), his work has been published in the March 2017 issue of Fotopaklè, a photographic magazine that deals with the societal, political and economic issues of Haiti. Jean is currently working on a short film, “Les guérisseurs de l’ombre” (the Shadow Healers).

Kelly Paulémon aka Noirdelatour is a Haitian photographer and writer. Entirely self-taught, Noiredelatour focuses on placing Haitians and Haiti in settings that highlight the beauty of nature as opposed to the poverty narrative that often plagues the island and its people. Using social media as her primary platform, Noirdelatour works and resides in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti.

Georges Harry Rouzier is a documentary photographer. After completing a degree in Architecture, he pursued photography and collaborated with various press outlets and nonprofit organizations. In 2017, he completed an exhibition centered on the main cemetery in Port-au-Prince, Grand Cimetière, titled “Une Ville Dans La Ville” (A city within the City). Currently, Rouzier is working on a series anchored on Compas music and Raboday dance as expressions of Haitian culture.

Join us at the following gardens during Selebrasyon! Ayiti ANGAJE/Atis ANGAJE! 

Greene Garden | 2 S Portland Ave, Brooklyn, NY

East 43rd Street Block Association | 1087 E 43rd St, Brooklyn, NY

Rogers/Tilden/Veronica Garden | 2601-2603 Tilden Ave, Brooklyn, NY

Q Gardens Community Farm | 70 E 18th St, Brooklyn, NY

Westbrook Memorial Garden | 1233 Pacific St, Brooklyn, NY

[Photo above by Fabienne Douce. Source:]

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