Dominican Republic: “International Festival of Performance, Noise, and Spoken Word”


EDGE ZONES—in collaboration with El Cuarto Elástico, Debut Emblemas, Vidium/Miami, and La Espiral—invites you to the International Festival of Performance, Noise, and Spoken Word [Festival Internacional de performance, arte sonoro y poesía hablada]. The festival aims to examine the contemporary manifestations of these genres in the Dominican Republic.

This event is free and open to the public. It takes place on Friday and Saturday, May 25 and 26, from 6:00pm to 2:00am at La Espiral, located at Calle Mercedes 313, Santo Domingo.

Participating artistsSelección Debut Emblemas: Noise: Boundary | Personas XAXA | Spoken Word (poesía): Mariela Guerrero y Freddy Guerrero | Thaís Espaillat  Jeremy García | Maneras Tijeras. Edge Zones Selection: Performance- Isis Aquino | Renato Encarnación |  Elvin Díaz | Sole Fermín | Charo Oquet | Ana Rafé | Alexei Tellerías y Mo(ho)3| Abril Troncoso | Nancy Vizcayno | Jay Yapor | Daniel Flores. El Cuarto Elástico Selection: Noise- 2414 |MAURO – UK/BREAKS |Gaudy Merci | Killing & Dying | La Muerte en Jipe | Alina Labour | Naly Sención| Ninguna y el Livinrun | Nobimoli | NZA 333 | PANGOLA | Poesía | Kito Rabino | Performance: Marie Jiménez. Vidium/Miami Selection:  Noise – Jellyfish Brothers | Calnepuelco | HUMAN FLUID ROT | and Two Coin.

For more information, contact Charo Oquet, at or (849) 656-2771.

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