Lecture: “The Intellectual Legacy of John Jacob Thomas”


The Lloyd Best Institute of the West Indies presents a lecture on the intellectual legacy of Trinidadian scholar John Jacob Thomas. Faith Smith (Brandeis University, author of Creole Recitations: John Jacob Thomas and Colonial Formation in the Late Nineteenth-Century Caribbean) will deliver the lecture on Tuesday, May 29, at 7:00pm at Tapia House, 91 Tunapuna Road, Tunapuna, Trinidad.

John Jacob Thomas (1841-1889), better known as the author of Froudacity (1889)—a critical response to J. A. Froude’s The English in the West Indies (1888)—was a Trinidadian educator, linguist, and writer. He wrote a book on Trinidadian Creole, Theory and Practice of Creole Grammar (1869).

For more information, see http://lloydbest.institute/home/homepage/

For more on J. J. Thomas, see http://caribbeanhistoryarchives.blogspot.com/2011/08/jj-thomas.html and http://www.trinicenter.com/Cudjoe/2005/2108.htm

Also see https://obeahhistories.org/froudacity/

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