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Global Dominican – Politics, Economics and Cultural Production

22nd June 2018,

ILAS/IMLR University of London, Senate House, Malet Street.


9.00 – 9.30                  Coffee and Registration

9.30 – 9.45                  Greetings from Dr Federico Alberto Cuello

(Dominican Ambassador to the United Kingdom)

9.45 – 11.15                Panel 1

Chair: Catherine Davies (IMLR London)

Lauren Derby (UCLA) Doña Pico’s Story, or la sentencia from the Perspective of the Haitian-Dominican Borderlands

Lisa Paravisini-Gebert (Vassar College) Tidal Debris and the Perils of Poverty on the Banks of the Ozama

María Cristina Fumagalli (University of Exeter) Urban Borders: Santo Domingo before 2013

Guillermina De Ferrari (University of Wisconsin-Madison) Numbers and Emotion in Rita Indiana’s La mucama de Omicunlé

11.15 – 11.30              Coffee

11.30 – 1.00                Panel 2

Chair: Maria Thomas (Goldsmiths, London)

Lorgia García-Peña (Harvard) Dominicanas Matter: Fighting Racial Violence, Exploitation and Exclusion in the Italian Diaspora

Ana Liberato (University of Kentucky) Mobility and Identity in Contemporary Dominican Culture

Kimberly Simmons (University of South Carolina) Embracing the Pajón and Afro-Dominicanidad: Identity and the Natural Hair Movement in the Dominican Republic

Susan Mézquita (Teaching Artist) Dominicanidad en el contexto europeo: autonomía y ficcion

1.00 – 2.00                  Lunch

2.00 – 2.45                  Plenary Address ‘Hispaniola and Our Racial World’

Silvio Torres-Saillant (Syracuse University)

Chair: Conrad James (University of Birmingham)

2.45 – 4.15                  Panel 3

Chair: William Tantam (ILAS, London)

Elizabeth Manley (Xavier University of Louisiana) “Created by God for Tourism”: Developing Tropical Paradise in the Dominican Republic, 1966 – 1978

Lisa Blackmore (University of Essex) Counterflows: Decomposed Landscapes and the Visual Economy of Mass Tourism

Sarah Lewis-Capellari (UCLA) Mobile Exoticism

Eve Hayes de Kalaf (University of Aberdeen) Making Foreign: Legal Identity, Social Policy and the Contours of Belonging in the Contemporary Dominican Republic

4.15 – 4.45                  Tea

4.45 – 6.15                  Panel 4

Chair: Eve Haye de Kalaf (University of Aberden)

Raj Chetty (St Johns University, Queens, NY) Jacques Viau and the Global Dominican

Narcisa Núñez (SUNY, Binghamton) Dominican Literature: In Defense of Diasporic Literature

Sharina Maillo-Pozo (SUNY, New Paltz) From New York to the World: Josefina Báez’s Texts for Performance as Spaces of Border Transgression

Fernanda Bustamante (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona) Frank Báez: poeta que escribe crónicas, cronista que recita poesía

6.15 – 7.00                  Reading by Frank Báez

                                    Chair: Conrad James (University of Birmingham)

7.00                             Reception Hosted by the Dominican Embassy in London

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