Rosa Luisa Márquez Wins “El Gallo de La Habana” Award for Theater


El Nuevo Día reports that, presently in Havana, Cuba, leading figure of Puerto Rican theater Rosa Luisa Márquez received the prize named “El Gallo de La Habana,” awarded by Casa de las Américas since 1966, in recognition of artists, groups, institutions, and significant events that constitute a contribution to the theater of Latin America and the Caribbean.

As part of the 2018 Latin American and Caribbean Theater Season, the prize was awarded after the performance of the director, playwright, and actress in the play Hij@s de la Bernarda, performed at this year’s edition of the event with the theater group “Tojunto.”

With a solid academic background, Márquez has developed a sustained creative career since the eighties. Along with her partner in art—graphic artist and multifaceted Antonio Martorell—she created the Teatreros Ambulantes de Cayey.

At the head of the group, she represented works such as La marcha de la plena verdad, La pasión y muerte de Adolfina Villanueva, in which she brought young artists-in-training in touch with their cultural roots and history, and promoted the development of many outstanding creators in the current theater scene.

Through montages such as Jardín de pulpos, Historias para ser contadas, and La zapatera prodigiosa, Márquez has appropriated Arístides Vargas y Dragún, Lorca, Becket, and Wole Soyinka, to explore on stage debates about her island, the Caribbean, and Latin America.

[Translated by Ivette Romero. For original article, in Spanish, see]

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