Harmonia Rosales Reimagines Classic Works with Black Femininity


[Many thanks to Cricket Carletta for bringing this item to our attention.] Earlier this month, We the Urban featured Chicago-based artist Harmonia Rosales in the article, “Artist Harmonia Rosales Reimagines Classic Works with Black Femininity.” The article highlights the artist’s most well-known works, including “The Creation of God” (shown below), “Birth of Oshun,” “The Virgin,” and “The Virtuous Woman.”


My own favorite series is B.I.T.C.H. (Black Imaginary to Counter Hegemony): “Replacing the white male figures (the most represented) with people I believe have been the least represented. By con-temporizing the meaning behind these iconic paintings, we can begin to recondition our minds to accept new concepts of human value.”

Rosales, who self-identifies as an Afro-Cuban American artist, writes: “I believe in creating artwork with meaning—meaning with impact, moving people to see the world differently and to be guided by that new vision. Based in Chicago, my inspiration arises from living life as a woman of color. My art is born out of a combination of my love for history, thirst for endless new knowledge, and dedication to social action. In refining my work, I have been able to shape a unique perspective built on the foundation of an appreciation of traditional expression and form, with structure and story that creates a bold new contemporary counter narrative—on the elements of the story, as well as the elements of the process of storytelling. Art is my weapon in the ongoing battle against indifference and inaction. It forms the basis of resistance.”

For full article, see https://www.wetheurban.com/blog/2018/5/2/artist-harmonia-rosales-reimagines-classic-works-with-black-femininity

See artist’s page at https://www.harmoniarosales.com/

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