Indo-Guyanese celebrate 180-yr arrival anniversary


A report by Tangerine Clarke for Caribbean Life.

Consul General of Guyana to New York, Hon. Barbara Atherly, called on Guyanese to unite and uphold the motto of their country “One People, One Nation, with One Destiny” during the screening of “Echoes of the Plantation” — a movie commemorating 180 years of East Indians in Guyana.

Oh behalf of the Guyana Consulate of Guyana, I would like to congratulate our Indian brothers and sisters who are celebrating 180 years of their arrival to Guyana. If you reflect on when East Indians arrived in Guyana to work on the plantation, you would remember their work was for our colonial masters.”

Mrs. Atherly, dressed in traditional Indian attire, noted during her remarks on May 5 in St. Stephen’s Church Auditorium, that the celebration of East Indian arrival day celebration, is fitting since the month of May marks Guyana’s 52nd year of Independence.

The diplomat applauded the nationals, the largest ethnic group of at home, whom she said, made significant contributions to “our nation in areas of culture, social and political, and sports among other components, that helped in the development of Guyana.”

“As we look at this film, we can reflect on where they came from and where they are today. I hope we are inspired, so that we in turn could inspire others as we work towards the development of our country,” said Atherly.

The evening was dedicated to “Echoes of the Plantation,” written, directed, and produced by Indo-Guyanese artist, Kishore Seunarine.

A mini exhibition of artifacts from that era, and seen in the movie, highlighted the night’s collaboration between the diplomatic office, and the Guyana Cultural Association, NY. Member, Dr. Rose October-Edun was mistress of ceremonies.

The Guyana Consulate New York, and Guyana Mission to the United Nations, and other Guyanese organizations are finalizing a month-long celebration to honor Guyana’s 52nd Independence anniversary.

Some of the events will include an Interfaith Church Service at York College on May 20, a Youth Forum on May 22, and a flag-raising ceremony at Brooklyn Borough Hall on May 25, (invitation only).

Additionally, the consulate will join a Guyana Unity Day march on June 3, an awards ceremony on June 15, and an awards gala on the same day.

“We look forward to you joining us to celebrate our country’s 52nd Independent Anniversary,” added Atherly

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