Sarah Knights unveils first solo exhibit

knight painting.jpg

A report from Trinidad’s Guardian.

On Thursday, May 10, artist Sarah Knights unveiled her first solo exhibition — ONE THOUSAND MEs — at Medulla Art Gallery, located at 37 Fitt Street, Woodbrook, at 7 pm.

Knights’ ONE THOUSAND MEs is a series of self-portraits that speaks about intersectionality.

These paintings invite the viewer to look closer in order to understand the inner essence of the pieces. The past and present based on popular culture, provides a wealth of knowledge and insight into her creations.

Knights’ paintings borrow the stiff classical poses from women in the 1900s which is layered with images of women from the present day. She uses mediums such as collage, embroidery, acrylic and found objects to convey her message.


Sarah Knights was born in Sangre Grande on March 15, 1983. In 2008, she graduated with an associate degree in Visual Communications from the John S Donaldson Technical Institute. With her new appreciation for art and design she later pursued a Bachelor’s Degree in Visual Arts at the University of the West Indies. Her formal training at the UWI helped her to use art as a means of selfexpression and healing.

After graduating she began working on a body of mixed media paintings, using herself as the main subject to discuss issues of identity with women in modern societies. Her paintings reflect both the present and the past and look at racism, feminism, beauty and religion, influenced by western media and popular culture.

Knights’ works have been exhibited in various group exhibitions including: Connecting Cultures: Contemporary Art From Trinidad and Tobago,—US Chief of Mission Residence, US Embassy and Medulla Art Gallery; Growth, The Caribbean Center for the Arts, St Croix; Thru Contemporary Arts Collection, Art Society of T&T; Mixed Bag, Boxout, Rivoli, France; Movement, Boxout, Frankfurt, Germany; A City in Positive Transition, Medulla Art Gallery and Port-of-Spain Corporation; and, From Likeness to Fiction; The Portrait Inside Out, UWI and Brock University.


For more information, contact: 680 1041, 622 1196 or ONE THOUSAND MEs continues until Tuesday, May 29, and Medulla gallery hours are Monday-Friday (10 am-6 pm); Saturday (11 am-2 pm).

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