New Issue: Journal of West Indian Literature (26:1)


The latest issue of the Journal of West Indian Literature (Volume 26, Issue 1, April 2018) edited by Lisa Outar, is here. [Cover art by Portia Subran.]  This issue features:

A conversation between poet Faizal Deen, Ronald Cummings and Nalini Mohabir, which considers themes central to Deen’s work, including his explorations of queerness in Caribbean culture and his use of the figure of the child to reflect upon Guyanese history and migration.

Suzanne C. Persard’s critique of heteronormative approaches to Indo-Caribbean studies and her analysis of a queer, feminist chutney song by Princess Anisa.

Tuli Chatterji’s examination of sexual fetishism in Patricia Powell’s The Pagoda and Powell’s radical proposals for new forms of female sexual citizenship.

Candice A. Pitt’s essay on Margaret Cezair-Thompson’s The Pirate’s Daughter, where she discusses the tropes of “bastardy” and “landscapism” that the novel uses to challenge exclusionary nationalism.

Robin Brooks’ analysis of Diana McCaulay’s use of a cross-class relationship in her novel Dog-Heart to oppose the perpetuation of human rights violations in Jamaica.

Book Reviews: Simone A. James Alexander discusses Malachi McIntosh’s edited collection Beyond Calypso: Re-reading Samuel Selvon, which offers new perspectives on Selvon’s oeuvre and influence and Cornel Bogle reviews Glyne Griffith’s The BBC and the Development of Anglophone Caribbean Literature, 1943–1958.

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