Ida Does: “Peace, memories of Anton de Kom”


Ida Does’ documentary about Anton de Kom—Peace, Memories of Anton de Kom—is now available via YouTube. Here are more details:

Filmmaker Ida Does has made her prize-winning short documentary ‘Peace, memories of Anton de Kom’ available to the public on YouTube. The occasion was the national Memorial Day  in the Netherlands.  In the film, the children of De Kom, Ad, Judith and Cees look back on their youth. The struggle and death of their father Anton de Kom (1898-1945) plays a central role in these memories.

In a statement, the director says: “On 4 May, it is important for us all to consider the people who died in the struggle against Nazism. Anton de Kom was an exceptional historical person. His life and struggle remain a source of inspiration and reflection. His international attitude led him, even after the injustice done to him by the white colonial authorities, to fight side by side with his white and Indonesian comrades. His desire for freedom eventually cost him his own freedom and his life. “De Kom, who died in 1945 in Sandbostel, an outpost of Neuengamme concentration camp, published his famous book” We slaves of Surinam” in 1934 . In the years before and during The Second World War De Kom actively joined the resistance in The Hague, among others by participating in the illegal resistance magazine ‘De Vonk’.

Ida Does: “It is important and necessary that our stories, stories from the former colonies, get a rightful place at the national commemoration of the dead. These stories enrich our view of history and broaden our view of heroism, anti-fascist struggle and the struggle against colonialism and dictatorship. “‘May we not forget’ also means: the responsibility to defend human rights and democracy,” the Surinamese-Dutch filmmaker stated.

The film “Peace, memories of Anton de Kom” has English subtitles and can now be seen through:

Watch a trailer here:

For the original article (in Dutch), see

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