New Book: “Le théâtre d’Aimé Césaire”


Here is a new book about Aimé Césaire’s work in drama: Gérard Cogez’s Le théâtre d’Aimé Césaire (Lausanne, Ides et Calendes, 2018).

Description: The dramaturgical work of Aimé Césaire (1913-2008) may be described as a trilogy (to which we can add Et les Chiens se taisent [And the dogs are silent], his first attempt at theatrical writing, which he referred to as oratorio). By creating an incomparable yield of brilliant images, he managed to present the early moments of the history of black people in these three texts: the liberation of slavery and the creation of a country in La Tragédie du roi Christophe; the difficult attainment of independence and the ruthless character of neo-colonialism in Une Saison au Congo; and the reality of racism and segregation in Une Tempête. This trilogy constitutes a reading guide or introduction to the entire corpus of Césaire’s work by allowing us to interpret other major texts—of an undeniable theatricality—such as Cahier d’un retour au pays natal or Speech on Discours sur le colonialisme. It presents itself especially as “poetry put within the reach of the people”, according to the author. [. . .]

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