Launch of Azura Caribbean Magazine


AZURA is a new independent magazine that will publish its debut issue on May 3rd. Every subsequent issue will be released on the 3rd of every month.

This magazine start-up is based in the Caribbean and makes it their mission to create curated content with a fresh perspective on subjects of interest.

Azura will be published on their website and daily updates can be seen on their Facebook page ( and their Instagram ( With a diverse range of covered topics, Azura is sure to keep you engaged. Their sleek website also features short informative pieces to keep you on your toes.

The magazine would be a perfect read for the ambitious professional or student. Azura was done digitally to accommodate the bustling lifestyles of almost everyone in this new age of media.

As a lifestyle magazine, Azura promises to feed the interest of its audience. The very first issue features a unique theme–the sky. Taking influence from the name of the publication, which means sky, its serves as the perfect allusion to the core meaning of the magazine.

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