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Please join me in congratulating Annie Paul (Editor-in-Chief) and the editorial team—editors Diana McCaulay, Isis Semaj-Hall, and Garnette Cadogan, and creative director Nerys Hudson—on their exciting first issue of PREE, an online platform highlighting writing from and about the Caribbean. The first issue centers on this theme: Crossroads.

Description: PREE is an online platform for lively, vital contemporary writing from and about the Caribbean written by people from the islands, on the islands and the diaspora.

We publish original works of fiction, non-fiction, poetry, essays, interviews and experimental writing. We aim to be the pre-eminent forum for writing in, from and on the region, a showcase for the exceptional prose and creative expression the Caribbean is known for.

PREE is a unique space where writing from and about the Caribbean will be published biannually, ensuring our creative writing has international visibility far beyond the islands.

We aim to engage each other in the first instance, and cast our net of rich writing to critics, editors, publishers and agents seeking emerging talent and unheard voices.

Alongside new talent we will continue to champion the works of many of our established and celebrated writers and we look forward to publishing essays, stories, poems, or just meditations and reflections on the major issues of our times. PREE is the only place to go for illuminating Caribbean writing today.

Check out issue # 1 at

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