Damaru to release ‘The Camp’ in May

Many thanks to D.S. Battistoli for his translation of this article article (from Waterkant) on Damaru. The Surinamese “King of Love Songs” is releasing his new album, The Camp, in May. The album includes 14 songs. The first single and music video from this project, “Real Love,” a duet between Damaru and the rapper Enver, was released on April 20. According to the article, fifteen Surinamese artists have contributed to the The Camp project. 

“‘The Camp’ is a songwriters’ project that I organized last year; I left the city for three days with artists and producers, and with a portable studio for recording and producing music,” said Damaru. “The goal is to work together on our music’s quality.” The producers were Rosco Macnack, Jason Herkul, Jamal, and Gillio.

According to Damaru, another goal is to run the project annually, each time with other artists and producers. “With ‘The Camp’ we also want to seek a market overseas,” he added. The next songwriters’ camp is planned for August. The “Mi Rowsu” singer hopes that the government of Suriname takes up his project.

For the original, in Dutch, at https://www.waterkant.net/suriname/2018/04/20/damaru-lanceert-album-muziekproject-the-camp-in-mei/.

Also see https://www.shazam.com/track/102517165/suriname


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