3 Haitian Artists You Should Know

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A report from The Haitian Times.

Have you heard of these three Haitian artists? If you haven’t, here is a chance to get yourself acquainted.

Allan André is a Canadian-born, Haitian artist based in Ottawa. Color and emotion is infused in his paintings that he says is inspired by his travels and personal connections he’s made with people in life. His work has been featured in exhibits in New York, Orlando, Ottawa, Toronto and Montreal.

In 2014, André won the Ottawa regional championship for Art Battle Canada’s nation wide speed competition. His installation work has also been featured in Ottawa’s Nuit Blanche city wide dusk till dawn exhibition.

André’s philosophy is that life is art he states “we live in a collective masterpiece” and that “We all are artists who leave our signature on the canvas we call the human experience by challenging our own spheres of influence in a way that will ripple through future generations.” View some of Allan’s work here.

For Tracy Guiteau art was a calling from God. From an early age, she knew that art was a craving she had that needed to be satiated and that it was the only way for her to truly express herself. Her work has become more and more of an essential part of her being. Her work has the soul of a revolutionary and is a self-portrait of her life, which means it is consistently evolving and changing to answer to the evolution of a creative mind. Each piece of fabric and brush stroke exposes an unseen part from within. The simplicity of color and hidden messages throughout her paintings best expresses who she is.

Her art is created so that her viewers imagination can explore a world where their mind can wonder but still be reminded by her message. So then the piece becomes each individuals unique interpretation. View some of Tracy’s work here.

Fabiola Jean-Louis is a Haitian born, fine artist and photographer currently based out of Brooklyn, N.Y.. As a little girl growing up in New York, she was surrounded by art and fascinating characters. Her imagery seamlessly blends magic with the mundane and reality with the speculative to bring unseen worlds out of hiding. With a style that is haunting, moody, dreamy, magical, and mysterious, along with her talent for visual storytelling, Jean-Louis stands out as an artist to be watched.

Although she has only been working at her craft for four in a half years, she is already making waves as a visionary who can manifest diverse patterns of space-time, sci-fi, costume design and surrealism within the worlds of her art. Her current iteration of Rewriting History is being exhibited by, Smithsonian affiliated, DuSable Museum of African American History. View some of Fabiola’s here.

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