Vassar College Lecture: Hurricanes Irma and Maria: Stories from the Frontline of Climate Change

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Lecture by Angela Burnett, the BVI’s Climate Change Specialist

Monday April 16, 2018


Rockefeller Hall 300

Angela Burnett is the author of The Irma Diaries.

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About The Irma Diaries 

Beyond the news headlines and apocalyptic images, The Irma Diariestakes readers straight into the heart of a Category 5 plus hurricane, the strongest to ever make landfall in Atlantic history.

The Irma Diaries transposes readers to The Virgin Islands on 6th September, 2017 and into the shoes of islanders on the frontlines of climate change. In a very intimate, personal style, The Irma Diariescaptures the harrowing, yet amazing and inspiring and, at times, amusing accounts of the ordinary- turned-extraordinary people who battled through Hurricane Irma, minute by minute, and came out alive.

The Irma Diaries was written to stir global attention and action on climate change, to help The Virgin Islands adapt to continuing climate change impacts and to help rebuild the lives of those impacted by Hurricane Irma . As such, 25% of book proceeds will be donated to The Virgin Islands Climate Change Trust Fund and an additional 25% to the 25 contributors of survivor stories to help rebuild lives.

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