Fantastic Negrito announces new album ‘Please Don’t Be Dead’


A report by Emma Rosenbaum for The Bay Bridge.

Grammy-winning blues artist Fantastic Negrito has announced his latest album, Please Don’t Be Dead, out June 15. The Oakland-based musician’s newest album comes at a time when discussions of race and the safety of Black and Brown people are not only urgently needed, but, in Xavier Dphrepaulezz’s hands, sure to be poignant.

“I wrote this album because I fear for the life of my black son,” said the arist. “I fear for the lives of my daughters. I am uncertain about what kind of future they will face.”

Fantstic Negrito’s music spans multiple genres, parallel to his own multicultural experiences. Having grown up in an orthodox Muslim household to Somali-Caribbean immigrant parents and then moving to Oakland at the age of 12, Negrito has developed a sound that is in constant flux and rich with complexity.

Check out “Plastic Hamburgers,” the first single from Fantastic Negrito’s new album below.

Fantastic Negrito will be touring in Europe throughout May, but will be returning to the Bay for an album release event at the Fillmore. More information to come.

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