Symposium—“Connecting the Dots: Work Life Balance Ageing”


The Institute for Gender and Development Studies and the Social Work Unit at the University of the West Indies-St. Augustine will host a symposium entitled “Connecting the Dots: Work Life Balance Ageing,” to be held April 26-27, 2018. The event will be held at the Teaching and Learning Centre at UWI-St Augustine, St. Augustine, Trinidad.

Description: The University of the West Indies Research Development Impact Fund in collaboration with the Institute of Gender and Development Studies and the Social work Unit will host a two-day conference, April 26-27: Connecting the Dots: Work Life Balance Ageing.  The conference is the culmination of the three-year project led by Professor Patricia Mohammed and Dr Cheryl-Ann Boodram “Work/Life Balance and ageing in Trinidad: studying the productivity and wellbeing of working men and women.” The symposium will address this seismic shift in ageing demographics and related issues, compounded by current economic conditions in Trinidad and Tobago.

The conference seeks to engage as widely as possible with the problems we face in attempting to balance work demands with personal, domestic and social responsibilities. Along with discussions with researchers, agencies in the field of ageing, special interest groups from the elderly and civil society, two open mike sessions will facilitate debate and discussion of strategies for planning, policy, and initiatives that recognize existing deficiencies. The conference will also feature artistic presentations, film screenings, animation, and a performance by local calypsonian, Chucky.

Interested parties – professionals in law, gender, social work, NGOs, the private sector and anyone committed to planning for a sustained quality of life while managing workforce productivity are invited to attend.

Further information available at

or 662-2002 Ext 85282/mobile: 791-5230


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