Jacques Schwarz-Bart’s European Tours


Jacques Schwarz-Bart will perform with Malcolm Braff, Stephane Galland, and Laurent David, on April 17, 2018 at Next Step, in Cully, Switzerland—the show is called Shijin. He follows up with a concert on May 4, with Moonlight Benjamin, at Echo Company—Denis Theatre in Hyères, France.

Description (Shijin): Jacques Schwarz-Bart, Malcolm Braff, Stephane Galland and Laurent David, four talented musicians, four different musical entities bringing their knowledge and their geographical, stylistic and cultural experience to a new project. Reunited under the oriental symbol of Shijin, represented by the four guardians of the cardinal points, the quartet proposed the creation of an original repertoire.

For more information, see https://www.bandsintown.com/e/1006755186-jacques-schwarz-bart-at-next-step?came_from=244

[Photo by Marc Baptiste from https://www.hkw.de/en/programm/projekte/veranstaltung/p_127681.php]

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