CIFFR 2018

A post by Peter Jordens.

The 7th Curaçao International Film Festival Rotterdam (CIFFR), to be held from April 11-15, 2018, will feature the following Caribbean-related films, including the five films competing for the Yellow Robin Award (see our previous post):

Yellow Robin Award nominees

Black Mother, Khalik Allah, Jamaica/USA

El chata [The Sparring Partner], Gustavo Ramos Perales, Puerto Rico

Hijos de la sal [Children of the Salt], Luis Alejandro Rodríguez and Andrés Eduardo Rodríguez, Venezuela

Moko Jumbie, Vashti Anderson, Trinidad and Tobago/USA

El silencio del viento [The Silence of the Wind], Álvaro Aponte-Centeno, Puerto Rico/Dominican Republic/France

Caribbean Shorts competition

El hormiguero [Anthill], Alán González, Cuba

Ni los buenos se salvan [Not Even the Good Ones Are Safe], Jorge Pastrano, Dominican Republic

Où est le mâle? [Where Is the Male?], Teddy Albert, Martinique

Short Drop, Maya Cozier, Trinidad and Tobago

Sin ayó [No Goodbye], Elizabeth Francisco, Curaçao

Vuelve a mi [Back to Me], Daniel Nájera Betancourt, Mexico

Other Caribbean-related

Bruk Out! A Dancehall Queen Documentary, Cori Wapnowski, USA, Jamaica

Café com canela [Coffee with Cinnamon], Ary Rosa & Glenda Nicácio, Brazil

La defensa del dragón [The Dragon Defense], Natalia Santa, Colombia

Djon África, João Miller Guerra & Filipa Reis, Brazil, Cape Verde

Drie vrouwen: Over slavernij en vrijheid [Three Women: About Slavery and Freedom], Ida Does, Netherlands, Suriname

Footprints of Pan Africanism, Shirikiana Aina, USA, Ghana

Juni, Sharelly Emanuelson, Curaçao

Mundu místiko [Mystical World], Felix de Rooy, Curaçao

Oso polar [Polar Bear], Marcelo Tobar, Mexico

Un tributo a Cheo Feliciano [Tribute to Cheo Feliciano] Hector Iván Rosa, Puerto Rico, Curaçao, USA

Welterusten Papa [Good Night Daddy], Sharelly Emanuelson, Curaçao

Yamada [Calling], Sharelly Emanuelson, Curaçao

The full program of the 7th CIFFR is now available on the website, (select menu option ‘Festival’).


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