Photography—Zarita Zevallos: “Mwen Renmen Tèt Mwen”


In the article “Dark Skin and Haitian Heritage Are Celebrated in This Photo Series,” Eye Candy (Afropunk) highlights the work of Haitian photographer based in New York, Zarita Zevallos, and her series “Mwen Renmen Tèt Mwen.” Eye Candy says:

The Haitian Creole name for ‘I love my self’, ‘Mwen Renmen Tèt Mwen’ is a photo series dedicated to the journey many Haitian’s embark on to re-learn self-love as it pertains to their blackness. “They used to put me down so much because I was this dark and now, I fucking love myself,” said one of the models at the beginning of this shoot. This comment might seem startling to people outside of a diaspora but is oh too real to those of us who make it up. Juxtaposing the natural beauty of the model’s complexion with the evolving landscape of their surrounds. Almost as if to say that blackness is eternal and so is the pride of being from Haiti, the first Black republic.

[Photographer: Zarita Zevallos; Model: Tania Fines.]

For original article and photo gallery, see

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