New Book: “Edouard Glissant: l’identité généreuse”


French philosopher François Noudelmann recently published Edouard Glissant: l’identité généreuse [Edouard Glissant : The Generous Identity, (Flammarion, 2018)].

Description: Born in 1928, Édouard Glissant is one of the most important writers and thinkers of the twentieth century. Author of forty essays, novels, poetic collections, and theatrical plays, he gave a memory to the peoples borne of slavery and the slave trade. The creolization of the world inspired in him a philosophy of Relation, which he addressed to all. Starting from the transformation of the self, in the face-to-face with others, he thought of a new identity, no longer based on rootedness, but rather nomadic and generous.

François Noudelmann, who accompanied him for the last twelve years of his life, embarked on research on the traces of the poet-philosopher in Martinique, Louisiana, Cuba, Paris, Tokyo, and New York. In this sensitive portrait, he follows the tormented childhood of “ti-Édouard,” his admiring and critical relationship with Aimé Césaire, his arrival in Paris in the post-war artistic revival, his literary successes, his loves, and his friendships. He analyzes his political engagement with the ideals of decolonization and independence, his tireless struggle against the confinement of identity, his cultural activism at UNESCO. He also discovers Édouard Glissant’s intimate aspects: the abysses and desires, the nourishments and vertigo that inspired his utopias for the twenty-first century.

[Translated by Ivette Romero. For original article, see]

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