Edwidge Danticat with Paul Holdengräber: The Art of Immigration


Alexandra Simon (Caribbean Life) announced that Haitian-American novelist Edwidge Danticat and Paul Holdengraber will be in conversation at the New York Public Library in Midtown (476 Fifth Avenue between West 40th and 42nd Streets) tomorrow, April 6, at 7:00pm.

“Edwidge Danticat with Paul Holdengräber: The Art of Immigration” will address “the role of immigrant artists, the art they make, and their experiences.” Simon adds that the award-winning author is also going to explore her own work, and the work of other artists and writers who are immigrants.

The two-hour event will celebrate the work of immigrant voices, and tackle the country’s environment on the subject. It will stream live at 7:05 pm on the library’s streaming service [https://livestream.com/nypl].

For tickets, call (917) 275-6975, www.nypl.org]. $40 ($10 students). Rush tickets $25.

For full article, see https://www.caribbeanlifenews.com/stories/2018/4/cl-edwidge-danticat-immigration-conversation-2018-04-06-m.html

Also see https://www.nypl.org/events/programs/2018/04/06/edwidge-danticat-paul-holdengraber

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