Tilting Axis Curatorial Fellow: Nicole Smythe-Johnson


The Tilting Axis website features the inaugural Tilting Axis Fellow, Jamaica-based Nicole Smythe-Johnson. Here, she shares her musings on moving through cultural institutions in Scotland, Grenada and Barbados. Her writings are divided into three parts: 1) Curating beyond the Exhibition: Reflecting on Three Weeks in Scotland; 2) Getting Located: Three Weeks in Grenada; and 3) On Duppies and the Archive: Three Weeks in Barbados. Here are excerpts from #2:

“As a Jamaican, one feels a priori entitled to Caribbean-ness. There’s a sense that “we are the Caribbean”. Even the other islands—their tourist shops filled with Bob Marley tote bags and “no problem mon” mugs—know it. When people think “Caribbean”, they think “Jamaica”. I’m not trying to start a fight here. I’m just owning privilege, locating myself and being clear about my blind spots.” [. . .] (Read more at Tilting Axis.)

The Tilting Axis Curatorial Fellowship is a long-term fellowship for an emerging contemporary art practitioner living and working in the Caribbean. This new fellowship opportunity focuses on the development of pragmatic and critical curatorial development hailing from the Caribbean region, and is research and practice-led, and mentor-based. Designed as a year-long programme between the Caribbean region and Scotland, it offers support for critical development of curatorial practice and gives a practical base in the partner institutions with visits to Scotland and throughout the Caribbean.

For full article, see http://tiltingaxis.org/tilting-axis-fellowship/

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