Scholars of Slavery Force a Public Reckoning (on, among others, Hilary Beckles)


A report by Marc Parry for the Chronicle of Higher Education.

Click here to go to the original report and download the report, which discusses, among others, the work of Hilary Beckles.

Scholarship on the history of slavery has leapt beyond academe to force a societal reckoning. As America confronts its past, historians are asking new questions, pushing colleges, corporations, cities, museums, and governments to account for their ties to slavery.

Fill out the form below to download a collection of articles about the scholars who are leading this movement. These seven stories detail their work, the conversations they’ve started, and what’s next in the global movement for reparations.

The articles were reported from campuses and communities around the country and beyond: Athens, Ga., and New Haven, Conn.; Detroit, Mich., and New Orleans, La.; Washington, D.C., and Mona, Jamaica.

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