New Concerns About Drought in the Caribbean


A report from the New York Carib News.

The Caribbean Drought and Precipitation Monitoring Network (CDPMN) says concerns exist for both long – and short-term drought over the Guianas, in particular northern Suriname.

“With Cuba and Antigua being relatively dry over the past few months, water resources should be monitored for longterm drought that can affect groundwater and large catchments, up until the end of the dry season at least,” the CPDMN said in its April bulletin released here yesterday.

It said that water resources in Belize, particularly the north and south-east of the country, should also be monitored over the possibility of developing drought. “Copious rainfall during the wet season of 2017 and no large deficits having been built up since the start of the Caribbean dry season in most places,” the CDPMN said, noting that south-eastern Haiti is under a long-term drought.

According to the CPDMN, mixed conditions were experienced in the islands of the eastern Caribbean for the month of February.

It said Trinidad was slightly dry to slightly wet, with Tobago and St Lucia slight to moderately wet, while Grenada was extremely wet and Barbados very wet.

The CPDMN said that St Vincent and St Maarten were slightly wet, with the French island of Martinique normal to very wet and Guadeloupe slightly dry to slightly wet.

Antigua was reported to be slightly dry during the month of February and St Kitts moderately dry, while in Guyana the situation ranged from slightly dry in south-west Guyana to moderately wet in the north-east, with both Suriname and French Guiana being normal to slightly wet.

Conditions in Jamaica ranged from exceptionally dry in the south to slightly wet in the northwest, while Belize ranged from extremely wet in the west to slightly wet in the south and moderately wet in the north.

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