Netflix Renews ‘One Day at a Time’


A report by Andrew R. Chow for the New York Times.

The ecstatically reviewed Netflix series “One Day at a Time” has been renewed for a third season.

The show may seem out of place with the current television landscape in many respects: It’s an earnest multicamera comedy based off Norman Lear’s 1975 sitcom. But it has built a rabid following online and in particular received strong support among Latinos. The show follows three generations of a Cuban-American family, which includes a divorced veteran with PTSD (Justina Machado), her widowed immigrant mother (Rita Moreno) and her lesbian teenage daughter (Isabella Gomez).

The second season arrived on Netflix in January, without an indication of whether it would get renewed again. The silence prompted organizations like the National Hispanic Media Coalition as well as critics at Vulture and The Hollywood Reporter to call for the show’s renewal.

In her New York Times review, Margaret Lyons wrote that the show “radiates delight” and “cultivates an intimacy and sense of belonging that goes a step further, introducing a level of genuine human happiness into the experience.”

“One Day at a Time” has also been celebrated for its diversity behind the camera. According to the showrunner Gloria Calderon Kellett, all of the show’s directors were women, people of color, or both.

The third season’s 13 episodes will arrive sometime in 2019.

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