Salt Cathedral’s “No Love” Video


[Many thanks to Peter Jordens for sharing the following articles.] Salt Cathedral’s “No Love” Video celebrates the Afro-Colombian town of La Paz in Cartagena and “will make you believe in the healing power of dance,” as Cheky (Remezcla) and Steffanee Wang (Fader) highlight. Check out the video (directed by Colombian director Felipe Holguín Caro) here.

Here are excerpts from Wang’s interview with Salt Cathedral—Brooklyn-via-Colombia indie pop duo, Juli Ronderos and Nico Losada:

Tell me a bit about the town you guys filmed the video in.

Juli: [The video] takes place in a big tourist town, Cartagena. It’s a very elegant place in the Caribbean. Where we recorded is a neighborhood in that city that’s not the glamorous side of the city.

Nico: Have you seen The Florida Project? I feel like it’s a good analogy for Cartagena because Cartagena is the most touristic city from Colombia. People get married there; it’s like Cancún. It’s beautiful and everybody goes there, but they go to a certain area. Once you go outside, it’s really, really difficult. It’s poor. It was the director’s idea to shoot there. He said, “I know the area, I’ve worked with [the locals], and it would be cool because we can tell their stories.” People should see their side; it’s really beautiful and where incredible singers come from, incredible dancers, incredible musicians come from.

Was there anything that you guys were cautious about before arriving there and filming?

Juli: I was scared to make them think that we’re just coming to appropriate their situation or the physical aspect of it, [because] it has this Caribbean look and vibe. That’s why we were so happy to work with [our producer] because all the work they do, there’s a backend where they’re helping out the community. [. . .]
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See Salt Cathedral’s websites at,; Facebook page:

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