Marcelo Polgolotti in Havana


Cuban Art News reports on two exhibitions in Havana’s Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes [National Museum of Fine Arts] dedicated to Cuban artist Marcelo Pogolotti (1902–1988)—“Marcelo Pogolotti: Vanguardia, Ideología, Sociedad” and “Marcelo Pogolotti, del pincel a la pluma” (both on view through May 21, 2018).

Born in Havana, Pogolotti spent his childhood between Cuba and Europe, beginning his artistic study in Italy. He briefly studied engineering and philosophy before entering the Art Students League in New York to study painting. He was attracted to surrealism and futurism, incorporating elements of both into his work. He exhibited at numerous venues in Cuba, Italy, and France before losing his sight in 1938. He later returned to Cuba and became an essayist, novelist and critic, living both there and in Mexico. He died in Havana in 1988. (Adapted from Wikipedia and La Peña.) Cuban Art News reports:

Polgolotti in Havana. At the Museo Nacional de Bellas ArtesMarcelo Pogolotti: Vaguardia, Ideología, Sociedad pays tribute to the Cuban artist and intellectual on the 30th anniversary of his death. Curated by Roberto Cobas Amate, the show features some 40 paintings and drawings.

A second exhibition at the MNBA, Marcelo Pogolotti, del pincel a la pluma (From Paintbrush to Pen), curated by Israel Castellanos, focuses on Pogolotti’s written output. The show includes art and literary works, along with a selection of letters, articles, and essays, manuscripts of his radio conversations, and media presentations about his art. [. . .]

[Shown above: Marcelo Pogolotti, “El intelectual (Joven intelectual),” 1937. Courtesy Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes de Cuba.]


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