My Favorite Places: Florida with Monica Puig


A report  from WTA Tennis.

If a friend was visiting Florida, what three places would you recommend for them to visit?

Florida is just an amazing place to visit, there is so much to do, all over the state! My top three would be of course Disney (all the parks are amazing), Miami and its beautiful beaches, restaurants, and nightlife, and then the Florida Keys. Very nice for a weekend get-away, even if you live in Florida.

Off the tourist trail, what are Florida’s hidden gems?

There are quite a few, but did you know that probably the best hidden gem is the proximity of Florida to other, beautiful places? My home of Puerto Rico, for example. It is so easily accessible, less than a two-hour flight from Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, or even Orlando. And the best part? You don’t even need a passport from the US, you can just go on your drivers’ license. Being so close to my beautiful island is probably the best hidden gem of all.

Away from the tennis court, can you share a memorable experience you’ve had in Florida?

Florida has been my home for many years. And recently, I realized why I enjoyed living here so much. After Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico, I set up a fundraising effort to try to bring as much help to the island as possible. I realized just then how nice, caring, compassionate, and helpful the people in the community here are. I got such incredible help, especially from the people in South Florida. From helping me with transporting goods to the island, to offering to donate water, food, supplies. It was incredible to receive this much response, in particular from Floridians. I cannot think of a more memorable experience than that, for the entire community to rally together and help.

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